The Project “Public Budget is My Money Too!”

The Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance (AGER) and the Centre for Journalistic Investigations implements the project “Public Budget is my Money Too”!.This project aims the monitoring of public procurement within 30 selected contracting authorities and is implemented starting April 01st, 2015 until March 31st, 2017, financed by the European Union and NED.

  • Purpose of the project

The overall objective is to strengthen the capacity of the civil society to monitor spending of public funds, with particular focus on public procurement.

The specific objectives of the action are:

  • To enhance civic activism and fortify the capacities of the local civil society to monitor public funds’ spending, and thus push for accountability of the public institutions.
  • To increase efficiency and transparency in the public procurement process and to promote greater accountability of the public authorities.
  • To increase the degree of information about public funds’ spending.

The action will lead to reaching four main results.

  • Result 1: Capacities of the action partners and particularly of the civil society in the regions to performing democratic oversight activities have been fostered.
  • Result 2: Public procurement practices improved and transparency and efficiency of public funds’ use increased.
  • Result 3: State actors’ accountability regarding the public procurement process has increased.
  • Result 4: Objective, alternative information about the public procurement to the civil society, international community and the broader public has been delivered.

The action will address this deficiency and will provide unbiased information about the public procurement, tackling issues of transparency, fairness and efficiency. The information will be delivered through regular monitoring reports, journalistic investigations as well as info notes when irregularities are observed. In order for the information to reach a broader audience, the action will organize various events, such as round-tables, press conferences and press clubs.