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Advancement of the advocacy and impact assessment of the Moldovan civil society organizations

In the period between August 2015 and July 2016, Praxis Policy Center (Estonia) together with AGER (Moldova) have implemented a project whose general objective of the project is to enhance civil society and citizens’ participation in governance processes at local and national levels.

The specific direct objectives of the project were:

1)      Strengthen the capacity of the civil society in participating at formulation and monitoring of public policies;

2)      Improve civil society abilities to interact with the public as well as to attract citizens to take part in governance process;

3)      Contribute to improving overall activity of civil society groups by introducing impact assessment mechanisms;

During this project, three intense training sessions in Chisinau were organized for the representatives of 20 local and national NGOs. 

The first training session took place on November 25-26, 2015 and was facilitated by Hille Hinsberg and Jane Matt (from Praxis). Twenty five representatives of the Moldovan civil society joined the event. The training was dedicated to building advocacy campaigns, effectively and efficiently. Both trainers offered multipled examples from their proffessional experience, which encouraged understanding of the topic as well as served as source of inspiration for the civil society members. 

The second training session took place on February 11-12, 2016 on the topic communication and building alliances/cooperation. The training session was chaired by Hille Hinsberg and Urmo Kubar. The training’s theoretical aspects were combined with many practical exercises. Actually, training participants received homework tasks after each training session, to make sure the aquired knowledge is used in practice. 

The second training session was carried out on April 21-22, 2016. It touched upon a very sensitive, yet almost unknown subject for the Moldovan civil society – namely – impact assessment. The training was led by Hille Hinsberg and Jaan Aps, who have tought participants how to plan, estimate and later on to assess the impact of the advocacy campaigns carried out. 

Following the three training sessions, representatives of 9 organizations were selected to participate in a study trip to Estonia:

  1. Women Business Association
  2. Localinvest 
  3. Idis Viitorul
  4. Institute for Public Policies
  5. Association “Youth for the right to live”
  6. Religious institution Social Mission „Diaconia”
  7. East Europe Foundation
  8. Partnership for Development Center
  9.  AGER

During the study trip, the representatives of the Estonian government and civil society have shared their experience with Moldovan NGOs in implementing efficient NGO activities, building advocacy campains, consolidating partnerships between the government and the civil society. 

The project is funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds for development and humanitarian aid.

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