The representatives of the Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance AGER and AO ADR “Habitat” conducted a due diligence visit to Ialoveni, to elucidate some technical aspects related to the infrastructure element proposed by the Center for Innovation and Policies of Moldova, in partnership with the local public administration , within the project “Be the change: involved citizens – sustainable communities!”.

One of the aims of the project proposed by the Center for Innovation and Policies in Moldova is to raise awareness among citizens, including students, about the benefits of energy efficiency, as motivation to act responsibly. In addition to this objective, the organization plans to place solar panels on one of the public buildings in Ialoveni, to serve as a practical example for citizens, including students.

The activity is part of the project “Citizens’ Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by GIZ with the financial support of the European Union.