The Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance AGER in partnership with AO ADR “HABITAT” implements the project “Be the change: involved citizens – sustainable communities”, as regional partners for the Development Region Center within the project “Citizens’ empowerement in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by GIZ, with financial support from the European Union. The project involves the award of grants for a number of approximately 30 non-governmental organizations for the implementation of projects at local level, the total amount available for this being 750,000 EURO.

Duration: October 2019 – September 2021

Region: Region Development Center

Sectors of intervention:

– Water and wastewater services (WWS)

– Solid waste management (SWM)

– Energy efficiency of public buildings (EE)

– Environment and climate change

The overall objective of the project is to help strengthen a more participatory, transparent and accountable decision-making process, especially at local level, by involving civil society in monitoring activities, as well as by promoting the principles of sustainable development and EU values.

Specific objectives:

– Strengthening the capacities of at least 30 local NGOs in terms of internal governance and organizational management, as well as their capacity to effectively carry out watchdog activities, monitor the development and implementation of public policies, and educate and mobilize citizens on critical local issues.

– Increasing the number of civic activists at the local level in the Central Development Region, by creating local transformation groups, training and encouraging registration as a non-profit organizations

– Facilitating the development of a regional platform for dialogue and advocacy for civil society, which will connect both civil society organizations and civil society, local public authorities and the business community

Expected results:

– At least 30 local CSOs trained and involved in local decision-making

– Establishing an NGO Alliance and unifying efforts to hold LPAs accountable

– Local CSOs able to mobilize citizens around critical community issues:

– Citizens involved in planning local public services

– Informed citizens on sustainable development issues

– Public services in at least 30 communities are more transparent, efficient, sustainable due to civic involvement